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Integrated Customer Care

Safetykleen holds the leading position in the European market in the provision of specialized services supporting the automotive and general industry with mechanical cleaning systems . More specifically, the company has washing parts with solvents and soluble preparations for both manual and automatic use . Also washing cleaning guns and paint tools and sophisticated cleaning systems brake & clutch with those products offer efficient operation. Services complements a wide collection of products exclusively for the support of garages and machine shops.

Safetykleen Hellas


Safetykleen has a historical backround of more than 30 years, in which has been specialized and now serves more than 130.000 customers in 15 countries.

The commercial entry of the company in the Greek market , as Safetykleen Hellas, held in July 2005 with the acquisition suppliers service in washing parts.

Since its establishment has set as its main objective to serve the most demanding customers with continuous improvement of the quality standards of operation.Customers choose Safetykleen because trust prompt and reliable service which also fits with legislation regarding regulations for safety and health , transport and the environment .

This trust seals the Safetykleen forefront of new developments in technology -driven improvement in the economy and productivity of its customers. The Safetykleen Hellas plans immediate plans to develop its activities with most types of mechanical cleaning systems , which are already used in the rest of Europe with success.


In different fields


Consistent service

Scheduled services company offering a regular maintenance schedule of machines to ensure ongoing operational prowess and readiness of machines for users / customers.


Saves time

Safetykleen ensures accountability for the maintenance of systems and supplying solvent, allowing customers to achieve the maximum of their operational efficiency.


Ensure Economy

The service does not require capital expenditure market . Every mechanical system , full maintenance and supply of solvent contained entirely in symbolic annual rent expense and the fee simple of service , providing lifelong guarantee system operation.



The Politics of Safetykleen aims to recycle the solvents to release customers from their involvement with the management of their waste while protecting the environment.


Safety & Effectiveness

The mechanical systems and solvents Safetykleen discount safe operating conditions since they are certified equipment using safe products .



Selecting the type of system the client is able to choose the frequency of service that suits the needs of the activity.



Safetykleen's fleet is fully equipped with up to date safety measures. Our vehicles, seervice all greek districts with the most safe environment for waste transportation. Our services take place, after we double check the customer's space and machine status. We have adopted ADR 2011 Accordance and we sufficiently support it. Our ADR advisor, can perform in every state of the country, giving also free of charge advise for our customers.

Health & Safety

at work

Our company strictly follows the remendations of an organised warehouse facitlity accordingly to the EU regulations. Our branches in Attica and Central Macedonia hold all necessary licenses to collect and store industrial and automotive wastes. They fulfill all important safety measures.



Every 6 months we reassess our safety & security plan. We develop new environmental protection techniques and give our personel extra attention in getting to know the newest transport and waste collection methods. The acknowledgement of the risks taken, is the best way to avoid them.


of our policy

The policy of our company is issued to every employee of Safetykleen and it is suspended everywhere in our premises. It is also given to all external subcontractors and their teams.

We service your environment

The Directive 2004/35/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 April 2004 on environmental liability with regard to the prevention and remedying of environmental damage is the first EC legislation whose main objectives include the application of the "polluter pays" principle.

This Directive establishes a common framework for liability with a view to preventing and remedying damage to animals, plants, natural habitats and water resources, and damage affecting the land. The liability scheme applies to certain specified occupational activities and to other activities in cases where the operator is at fault or negligent. The public authorities are also responsible for ensuring that the operators responsible take or finance the necessary preventive or remedial measures themselves.