Integrated service

  • Installation of equipment
  • Functionality of equipment
  • Regular supply of recyclable cleaning
  • Inspection and maintenance of the wash system with a regular periodicity
  • 48-hour response for repairs and provide counseling
  • Lifetime warranty of the systems (and parts)
  • Collection, transport and storage of waste
  • Consulting services for the provision of responsible environmental solutions

Safetykleen Hellas leader internationally in offering services in mechanical cleaning systems with exclusive and comprehensive service designed to offer solutions to companies that make regular use of solvents and cleaning products in water-based.

The main advantage of Safetykleen Hellas is that offers all the services combined in one so customers can be confident that all the parameters associated with cleaning have been considered fully.

Safetykleen Hellas offers customers cleaning equipment, which will always be utilitarian, as customers can rely on regular supplies of goods, collection of waste generated and disposal of all required documents by law for the proper management of waste.